CAB 1750 MBH Boiler / 145 Ton Chiller Replacement Project

Lyles Mechanical Co.
Salinas, California

CAB 1750 MBH Boiler / 145 Ton Chiller Replacement Project
Contract Amount: $330,200
Completion Date: December, 2011

This design/bid/build project involved the complete replacement of all of the mechanical equipment at the Student Administration Building on the main campus of the College. Located on the rooftop, the existing chiller, boiler, air compressor and all related piping and appurtenances were replaced. The work was scheduled and synchronized with the College Operations & Maintenance staff to ensure the campus was on-line at all times. Tight congestion in the work area required close coordination with campus stakeholders to ensure safety to the workers, vehicles and pedestrians. Included in our work was the integration of all of the newly installed equipment into the control system of the campus. In addition to self-performing all of the demolition, mechanical and plumbing work, Lyles Mechanical Co. also served as the prime contractor and managed several trade contractors.

Hartnell Community College District
411 Central Ave.
Salinas, CA 93901
LMC PM: Kenny Seely
(559) 237-2200

Construction Manager:
Felice Consulting Services
P.O. Box 1119
Hollister, CA 95024

CM Contact:
Damon Felice (831) 770-7046

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