Henry Wochholz Water Recycling Facility

W. M. Lyles Co.
Yucaipa, California

Henry Wochholz Water Recycling Facility
Contract Amount: $42,838,826
Completion Date: December, 2008

Upgrade and expansion of the existing 4.5 MGD wastewater plant to an 8 MGD Title 22 Reclaimed Water Facility. Sequential improvements were completed on a congested site keeping the existing plant fully operational. Work included new Headworks, Blower Building, Aeration Basins (Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge-Anoxkaldnes System, Secondary Clarifiers, Microfiltration (PALL System), Equalization Pond, Chemical Facilities, UV Disinfection, & 4MG Reclaimed Water prestressed concrete reservoir, Reclaimed Water Pump Station, discharge pipeline, electrical and instrumentation with SCADA integration, site grading, paving, yard piping, and buildings.

Yucaipa Valley Water District
12770 Second Street
Yucaipa, CA 92399

Owner Contact:
Matt Harward
(909) 797-5117 Ext. 1

W.M. Lyles Co. PM:
Dave O’Dear

Design Engineer:
Black & Veatch
E. 2850 Camel Back Rd., Ste. 240
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Engineer Contact:
Ryan Shy
(602) 381-4400

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