Linda County Water District

W. M. Lyles Co.
Linda, California

Linda County Water District – Wastewater
Treatment Plant Upgrade & Expansion

Contract Amount: $29,547,940
Completion Date: September 2012

Upgrade and expansion of the existing 1 MGD wastewater plant to a 5 MGD Title 22 Reclaimed Water Facility on a 27 acre site. Improvements consisted of a new treatment facility built adjacent to the existing facility, and final connection to the existing chlorine contact tank and effluent pump station at the end of the project. Work included conversion of an existing clarifier to a storage tank, new Influent Diversion Structure, Headworks, Primary Clarifiers, Activated Sludge Basins, Secondary Clarifiers, Filter Feed Pump Station, Tertiary Filters, Control / Blower / Laboratory Building, Sludge Drying Beds, HDPE-lined and concrete lined Sludge Lagoons, Stormwater Detention Basins, Sludge Thickening Facility, electrical and instrumentation with SCADA integration, site grading, paving and yard piping.

Linda County Water District
1280 Scales Ave.
Marysville, CA 95901

Owner Contact:
Doug Lofton
(530) 743-2043

W.M. Lyles Co. PM:
Matt Cain

Design Engineer:
Kennedy Jenks
10850 Gold Center Drive, Suite 350
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Engineer Contact:
Brian Davis
(916) 858-2700